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Why It's Important to Make a Good Pitch [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why It's Important to Make a Good Pitch [INFOGRAPHIC]

Pitching isn’t easy, and we don’t just mean in baseball. When you’ve got something you want to share, how do you get attention without seeming needy, spammy, or just plain pathetic? There is a subtle art to pitching, and it’s tough to get it right the first time. Like most other things, practice makes perfect. This infographic takes the reader through the wonderful world of how to build a good pitch. Before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s look at how pitching and advertising work. As a whole, journalists prefer to receive pitches via email, with social media platforms and phone calls as far runner ups. Building off of that, on average, about 20% of marketing-based emails get opened, and only 3% of those people who open them click on through the link in the email. Those numbers bring into perspective just how crucial it is to get a pitch just right. Content is key when you’re pitching. You could have the best idea out there, but of the content and quality of your pitch isn’t right, you’ll never get noticed. Rein in reader in the subject line and grab their attention, but don’t repeat yourself; if it’s in the subject line, it doesn’t have to be in the body. Keep it short but be sure to say everything you need to, journalists can sometimes receive hundreds of pitches a day, and you better believe they aren’t reading all of them. Think your pitches could use some help? Take a look at this infographic for advice from experts, tips, and tried and true methods to turn your pitches into home runs. Thoughts or comments? Tell us what you think and if you like what you see share it with your friends!



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