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We Couldn't Have Done It Without You, Mom

We Couldn't Have Done It Without You, Mom

Summer of 1986. T-Ball city championship. Twins versus Astros. Gloucester, Mass. The Twins make the final out of the inning. Their players begin to scurry off the field to prepare for their final at-bat.

One of those players, the center fielder, stopped for a bathroom break. Right there. On the baseball field. In his pants. In front of everyone.

About 15 minutes later, that player, with a fresh pair of shorts, would hit a towering, game-winning home run. And the Twins were champions.

Turns out, Mommy of course had an extra pair of shorts just for cases like this. Mom bolted out of the stands, shorts in hand, and took that center-fielder into the woods for a quick change.

29 years later, on this Mother’s Day weekend, that center fielder says, “Thank You.” Maybe he should have said it 29 years ago on that T-ball baseball field. But, hey, 29 years later in one of his tech articles — that’s not so bad, right?

So … Thank You, Ma Cathy, the Best Mother in the World, Love Your Son, Dom.

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