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Treating Your Audience with Content This Halloween

Treating Your Audience with Content This Halloween

Once upon a time, Halloween was about being creative and finding the right costume to wow neighbors into tossing more candy into your pillow sack. The most savvy candy-seekers eventually realized, though, that certain neighborhoods and houses had the best candy. So, those became the mapped-out routes taken each year in search of the biggest, baddest mound of cavity-filling sweets.This Halloween, we encourage you to think about what types of content treats you are delighting your target audience with. Are you a stop on their route, in search of the best content? With a lot of other content sources on the block, it’s time to stock up and deliver sweet content to the eager audience who’s knocking down doors for valuable, meaningful information.Here are some great ways for marketers to become the house with the biggest candy bars:Turn your lights onDon’t be the house in the neighborhood with the lights turned off. Make sure your content is easy to find and welcoming to visitors. Whether it’s ensuring your site and content is easy to navigate, utilizing strong SEO tactics, or promoting your content to improve visibility, solidify your space in the market as a source for content.Dress upAre you in the spirit? Your content should radiate your passion for the topics you are writing about. Additionally, aesthetically, it should signify that you are a credible source of information. Draw in an audience with a strong headline; proof your content thoroughly; and use images with strong resolution to show your audience that you care about their experience with your content. There’s nothing sadder than Halloween costumes that are falling apart at the seams.Bigger is betterWhy go for the fun-sized candy when you can get the king sized? King size is just another word for value size, so instead of focusing on and doling out more portions of less valuable content, go bigger and give them better. You’ve got your audience right on your doorstep, and now it’s time to provide the meaningful, useful content that they’ve been looking for. The more substantial, the more take-aways and knowledge they gleam, the happier they’ll be that they don’t have to hit four more houses to make up for value your content didn’t provide.Offer varietyNot everyone likes a Snickers bar! Some prefer a Milky Way, or even a 3 Musketeers. Come equipped with a variety pack of content to demonstrate and disseminate your different offerings among the subgroups that make up your target demographic. You could have the most king-sized content, but if you aren’t accounting for those with a different taste in topic, you’ll be sure to alienate them from using you as a source.If you send them off happy, you can trust they’ll be back for more. Chances are high that they’ll even tell a few ghosts, goblins, and zombies to stop by for some of your content treats along their journey.



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