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This Week: Acquia IPO in 2014? + No Dip for Internet of Things

This Week: Acquia IPO in 2014? + No Dip for Internet of Things

Why Acquia is an IPO Candidate
With $75 million in revenue and motivated investors, hints of a 2014 IPO are in the air

Hey Marketers — Time to Get Agile
Faster, better, cheaper? Okay, maybe not cheaper, but in 2014 we’ll see big changes in the digital marketing landscape, with agile marketing shaking things up.

2013 and Enterprise Mobility
In case you weren’t keeping track or had an actual day job that kept you away from the day-to-day changes in mobility in 2013, here’s a look at what you missed.

This Year, Social Business Got Real
In our haste to apply social tools and scale them, we have almost forgotten about the very thing that is most crucial to our success — people.

Get Ready for Software Disruption
Starting in 2014, the enterprise software markets will undergo their greatest level of disruptions, growth and new opportunities since the year 2000.

Internet of Things No. 1 in Growth
While the exact form of the Internet of Things (IoT) is still nebulous, its size is not

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