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This Week: 10 Ways the CMO Role is Changing + Telling Stories with Data

This Week: 10 Ways the CMO Role is Changing + Telling Stories with Data

Changing Role of the Chief Marketing Officer
Multichannel customer choices, data analysis and marketing technology are just a few of the factors forcing radical changes for Chief Marketing Officers.   

Get Ready for More Acquisitions
After Oracle’s end of year purchase of marketing cloud vendor Responsys, everyone’s wondering what will be the next big acquisition in the digital marketing space.

Tips for Finding ESN Influencers
Influencers in your company can inspire other employees to spread ideas, join discussions and participate in collaboration through a combination of charisma and dynamism. To find them, follow the content trail.

Looking for Work – Home Balance in the Digital Age
Constant connectivity allows you to hold meetings from Disney World, but where do we draw the line between the mobile workplace and home?

Tell a Smarter Story
People tell stories to make sense of things. Combining data and storytelling make complex data digestible. 

Getting Executive Buy In for Information Management
To make a strong business case for your information management project, show the CXOs the money.

Unlocking Knowledge for Better Customer Engagement
Learn how information integration and customer centricity can drive revenue.
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