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The Future of Social Business [VIDEO]

The Future of Social Business [VIDEO]

At the Social Shake-Up conference in Atlanta (hosted by Social Media Today) I was delighted to participate in a keynote panel with Jeff Dachis and Renee Ducre to talk about the future of social business. A video of the session was just posted online so I am sharing it here as I think we covered some interesting ground.Our panel discussed where social has been and where it’s headed. Many smart people have been saying for years that at some point in the future we would no longer distinguish “social” business from ordinary business. Now we find social expertise in many enterprise endeavors, from the usual suspects like customer service and marketing to more unusual ones like product development and even, yes, legal. We tackled the topic of what “social” really means – what is its future? What are the current strategic concerns with social and what will be the ones we can anticipate next year, and the years to come?@shaymoser wrote a super summary of the session as well and you can read the synopsis here.Where do you think social business is going? Is it dead, or just beginning?



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