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Storytelling Using Social Media: 9 Way to Tell Your Story [SLIDESHARE]

Storytelling Using Social Media: 9 Way to Tell Your Story [SLIDESHARE]

In my recent blog post “Personal Branding 101: Whats Your Story” I discussed the importance of story telling and understanding what your story is before you worry about building a personal brand. To my surprise many brands and leaders when asked how they can share their stories with their community believe they must give a keynote speech, write a blog post, write a book or produce a video or commercial. Social Media is the perfect platform for storytelling but to do it correctly it’s more than just telling your story with words it’s a compilation of all your digital actions. Just like relationships on social media there is no easy button and to do storytelling the right way you have to have a strategy and play the long game. With that being said that doesn’t mean you have to wait to give a “Ted Talk” to share your story but you also don’t want to be that person that comes across as salesy or forced. With so much noise on social media you must find ways to reach new audiences and capture their attention long enough to share your story. Having a consistent story is vital but equally as important is sharing your story in multiple different formats, on different social networks ideally targeted towards new and unique audiences. Storytelling humanizes the message, is memorable and inspires action! Here are 9 ways to share your story on social media.Storytelling using Social Media! 9 way to Tell YOUR Story from Brian Fanzo



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