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SMToolbox: Engage Your Audience with a Quiz from Qzzr

SMToolbox: Engage Your Audience with a Quiz from Qzzr

There is no question that people love quizzes. Some of the more popular Buzzfeed quizzes have had more than 20 million people take part; the most shared post on the New York Times last year was not an article, but a quiz. Can your social engagement and content benefit from a quiz? This week in SMToolbox we take a look at how you can use Qzzr to build a free quiz quickly and easily.A survey of the most shared content on social media found that 8 out of 10 of the most shared pieces of content were actually quizzes. Some of the most popular quizzes tend to be personal such as “what city should you live in?” or fun “what kind of dog are you?” However, all forms of quizzes appear to work well. People enjoy taking part and testing their knowledge whether it is “how many of these TV shows from the 1970s do you know?” to your knowledge of musical artists. There is evidence that people not only take part but they share the quizzes once they have completed them helping the content to go viral.QzzrQzzr is one of a new generation of quiz tools that is well designed and easy to use. Anyone can use Qzzr build a professional looking quiz quickly without requiring any technical knowledge or training. I particularly like the fact the team have focused on building a tool that:is very simple to usecreates beautiful looking quizzesThe base tool is free to use though there are paid versions which allow you to capture lead data from quizzes starting from $19 a month.Building a Quiz with QzzrOnce you have created a free account and logged in you just hit ‘Create’ on the top right.You need to start by deciding in the type of quiz you want to create. The tool gives you a choice of outcome based quizzes such as “what city should you live in?” or knowledge based quizzes such as “How many of these sitcoms do you know?” Invest Time in your Quiz ConceptQzzr makes building a quiz very easy. The hard part is coming up with a great concept. In the same way Word doesn’t make you a great writer Qzzr can’t compensate for a poor concept. Brainstorm ideas with your colleagues and decide what type of quiz will appeal to your audience. You will also need to spend time coming up with a great headline. As with other content you need to get attention and interest. In this example I am going to create a simple knowledge quiz about London, as it was only this week voted the most desirable place to work in the world.Design your QuizThe Qzzr interface is very clean and easy to use. My strong recommendation would be that you use images in your quiz to gain attention and interest. You can start with a strong background image by simply clicking appearance and uploading your image background.Once you have uploaded your background you can start adding questions. There are three basic forms of question you can add in a knowledge quiz namely a multiple choice, a select all (multi-select) and a true or false.  Whilst other quiz tools may offer a lot more options these three cover everything you need to engagement and test your audience. Creating your questions is a breeze you simply type in the question and the answers, and select the right answer or answers. You can also provide more detailed feedback to any question as you want. Again I would recommend adding images to each question and using image based questions to engage the audience, such as ‘which one of these three buildings is County Hall?’Once you have added your questions you are done. You can publish and share the quiz. Again Qzzr makes this easy by providing you with options to share via different social networks, a link or an embed code. So you can paste your quiz straight into your content as I have done below. Below is a more professional example developed by Fit Marketing as a guest post for the Kissmetrics Blog – “Which marketing superhero are you?” Interestingly over 60% of the people who completed it shared it. 



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