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Shifting the Internet of Things into Overdrive

Shifting the Internet of Things into Overdrive

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The hype cycle for the Internet of Things is in overdrive and attempting to knock big data off its perch as the top tech catchphrase. 

I’m still not fully seeing why my Internet aware toaster will make my life better when it communicates with my Internet aware margarita maker. What I do see, however, is an open road to a world of self-driving Internet aware cars. I can wait until mobile becomes motile.

With automobiles poised to be both mobile, motile and communicative, these soon to be self-directed communication vehicles may begin to transport people in ways beyond what we are familiar. Beyond transporting people from point A to point B, the cars of tomorrow will transport people into a new society. This type of transportation is beyond question, but what is still open is whether it is possible to achieve the same sort of transformation as smartphones have achieved.

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