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Martha Pease: Marketers, Forget Silver Bullets

Martha Pease: Marketers, Forget Silver Bullets


Martha Pease has spent more than two decades as a marketing, media and strategy executive, building brand value and promoting growth for companies in competitive categories. So she has the experience to recognize that the digital experience has radically changed advertising. 

Thirty years ago was a simpler time, she told CMSWire. "Now, forget about a silver bullet. Even if you could find one, there’s not just one target," she continued.

But that doesn’t mean companies and brands should stop trying. Instead, it just means they have to work harder, think strategically and plan carefully for optimal outcomes, she said.

As CEO of New York City-based DemandWerks, a company that advises businesses on marketing strategy, Pease said she tries to help companies create demand and reduce risk while generating value for shareholders, employees and customers.

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