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Is Your Business Too Boring for Content Marketing?

Is Your Business Too Boring for Content Marketing?

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing yet it generates about 3 times as many leads. (DemandMetric) Its numbers like those that are making businesses take content marketing seriously. In fact 93% of B2B marketers now use content marketing.But many of these businesses face a serious challenge. Namely, that their business is too “boring” for content marketing. That’s a real problem in a world of ever decreasing attention spans. In a recent study by Visible Measures showed that 20% of viewers will click away from a video in 10 seconds or less. That’s why businesses need to be delivering interesting content that makes an immediate human connection in order to see significant ROI on their content marketing budget. Unfortunately, some businesses have fairly dry subject matter which do not naturally lend themselves to shareable content.So what is the solution?The answer is looking elsewhere for the stories that you tell. The majority of businesses have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, an on-going relationship with a charity or support local community groups in some way. These initiatives are a rich source of the transformational stories. They are stories of individuals who have overcome adversity and changed their lives for the better through the help of the charity.Recently our video production company worked with Coca Cola’s 5by20 program which empowers female entrepreneur’s in developing countries to create better lives for themselves and their families. The stories that have come out of this initiative are heart-warming and inspiring – ideal for a social media audience.Developing Positive Awareness For the Charity – And Your BusinessCreating and promoting this content provides a platform for the charity that it would otherwise not have. It’s another way to contribute to a charity that your organization is so passionate about. This can create numerous benefits for the charity including greater awareness of the work they do and more donations.The end result is that the charity benefits and the sponsoring business gains awareness of the positive contribution that it is making to society.Inspiring Your Own EmployeesShowing the positive impact that a charity has on individuals is critical not just for external audiences but also internal communication as well. People want to work for an organization that makes a positive contribution in society. In general employees are very proud of the work that their company does for their sponsored charity.Telling those stories can embue the organization with a deeper sense of purpose. At the same time it also allows a business’s employees to communicate to their friends and family that they work for a great company. The end result is a happier, more engaged and productive workforce.Creating Regular and Timely ContentBy leveraging the work that businesses are already doing with charities they are able to create regular, timely, short form content that customers and potential customers will engage with. This content gives customers another touch point in a very powerful way to be emotionally engaged with that brand and ultimately buy from that business.Humans have always connected with stories of adversity overcome and lives transformed. Social media simply provides a platform for those stories to reach a wider audience. It’s an opportunity that businesses shouldn’t ignore.



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