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Is the Apple Watch a Security Threat?

Is the Apple Watch a Security Threat?

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The Apple Watch. We know it’s pretty and new and sexy and fun to use. We know it will be a great complement to other mobile devices. We know that Apple products in general have an aura of security about them but that they are not completely immune to hack attacks. We know we want one.

But last month Kevin Mahaffey, chief technology officer at the security firm Lookout, threw a wet blanket over all that enthusiasm with a worrisome statement.

"The more ways we make data more convenient, the more risk there is to access the data and access things without your knowledge," Mahaffey said. "Just like adding another door to your house, it’s just adding another way for bad guys to get in."

So we decided to dig deeper, and ask several more security experts for some perspective in this CMSWire Discussion Point.

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