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Is It Time To Lose Your Windows Phone?

Is It Time To Lose Your Windows Phone?


Microsoft released another build of Windows 10 for the Windows phone this week. And I have to admit: I’m not a big fan of Windows 10 on the Windows phone. 

To be fair, Windows 10 has some stuff I like. Number one, it’s got this expandable menu bar at the top. On a Windows Phone with Windows 8.1, you only get one row. 

If you go into the settings now on Windows Phone 10, you can search for settings and you’ve got headings in here that are really nice. I like that.

When you go into the All Apps view, it’s got your recent apps at the top when you install them. So there’s a bunch of really great things in the OS.

But the killer for me — the absolute showstopper — is that in Windows Phone 10 you cannot have separate live tiles for each of your inboxes. 

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