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How to Build a Valuable Following on Twitter

How to Build a Valuable Following on Twitter

Our digital age is now in full swing with social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn having increasing popularity and even more reasons to join. As one of the fastest growing social networks, Twitter uses its 140 characters, real-time online news, and mobile multimedia platform to its advantage where user experience controls the way you interact with one another. If you are looking to interact with your target audience, finding a strategy that works best for you is very important.After reading this you should have a better understanding for how to build a valuable following on Twitter. This will increase your engagement and the overall value of each tweet. These 5 steps will help you to gain a solid following on the site with 271 million monthly active users1.  Set a schedule to engage on TwitterTwitter is a real-time news social network. Optimal engagement on Twitter can take place seconds after news is released. You need to make sure you are taking advantage of the “Real Time” aspect on Twitter. Get organized by setting a schedule on Twitter. Setting a schedule will lead to more consistency, which will increase interaction and your following.2. Constantly test and refine your strategyAs you use Twitter in your everyday tasks, make sure that you are trying new strategies, researching new ways to interact, and then using them to refine the perfect campaign for your industry. Different industries, business’ and companies have their own ways to engage with their target audience and no two are the same, but some strategies do prove to be more effective.3. Creative outreach strategyUse hashtags, searches, and direct communication to connect with others within your industry. Your list will become much more valuable when your content will interest your followers. If you are an attorney, make sure you follow other lawyers in the same field. Comment on their tweets about their most recent blog or respond to a witty tweet. You will start to see the interaction skyrocket on your account when you dedicate time each day to an outreach strategy.4. AdvertiseA great way to instantly gain a larger following is to invest in advertising. With a simple Twitter advertising campaign, you are able to target specific industries and demographics that are interested in following you. Even though organic is a “Free” method, if you are pressed for time, there is nothing wrong with advertising to grow your following.5. Be activeIt’s as simple as that. If you want people to follow you, have good reason for them to follow you. If you are posting interesting and relevant news that users find to be useful, your following will continue to grow. Too many people don’t post enough compelling and consistent content. You can’t expect to be a Twitter all-star if you are not putting in the time and effort.  As Twitter comes close to reaching 300 million users, you will want to know what strategies work well for you and your industry and what messages will reach your target audience. The sooner you implement these helpful steps on how to build a valuable following, the faster you can an expert on the most powerful micro blogging website.



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