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Creating Your Own Facebook Viral Loop

Creating Your Own Facebook Viral Loop

There was a time when all the rage in online marketing was grabbing as many relevant domain names as possible. The SEO-savvy would then leverage these domains to create microsites that linked and redirected traffic back to the main site. This resulted in a higher Google pagerank for the main site. In the algorithm-focused eyes of Google, the website must be important because it received a virtual vote of confidence from all these other sites. The SEO gurus had found a way to take advantage of and benefit from the internal workings of the search economy on the web.Fast forward to today. Google has undergone several algorithm changes, the rules of the game have drastically changed and the web universe has a new master – Facebook. Now if you’re an online marketer you know that buying additional domain names is not as effective as it once was. For starters, you need to work hard to get each one to rise up the pageranks otherwise the backlinks could do more harm than good to your main site’s own pagerank. That may be okay if you’re talking about another one or two domains and websites. But what if you had more? That’s a lot of work for an uncertain ROI.Facebook changes the game. Instead of buying additional domains and creating additional sites, why not create or buy additional Facebook Pages? (Long pause for effect while you allow this to sink in…)Facebook Pages are the new “in” platforms in the age of social media marketing. They are the social media equivalent of domains. People created these pages to feature their interests or businesses and many have built quite a following. But in reality a lot of people do not like their Pages. They don’t like managing them, they don’t like running them and they’re not making any money from them. If the Page aligns with your subject matter or your business, why not acquire it?Here’s what’s in it for you. If you own several Facebook properties you could share content among these properties. And that’s the simplest thing for you to do on Facebook. But just as Google once highly regarded votes of confidence among domains, so, too, does Facebook highly regard sharing among entities within its platform.Facebook loves sharing because it reinforces social and social is what Facebook is all about. And so before you know it, you’ve created your own framework for inducing massive virality around your business or around your topic of interest. This is the type of virality that will get you the numbers and, eventually, the conversions you seek.So, to summarize:Seek out people with Pages that align to your business or interest. Keep your eye out for Pages with a large number of Likes.Get to know the person behind the Page and make him or her an offer.Run the Page and build it up.Share content among your Pages.Put in place your funnels



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