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Couchbase Raises $25M To Further Develop NoSQL Database And Expand Into International Markets

Couchbase Raises $25M To Further Develop NoSQL Database And Expand Into International Markets


NoSQL database company Couchbase has raised $25 million to build new enterprise features and expand primarily into India, China and South America. The Series D round was led by Adams Street Partners and joined by existing investors Accel Partners, Mayfield Fund, North Bridge Venture Partners, and Ignition Partners. To date, the company has raised $56 million.

Couchbase is the company behind the CouchDB open source project, The service is available in community and enterprise editions.

Like other NoSQL companies, Couchbase has had greater adoption as companies do more strategic evaluations. More enterprise providers are considering Couchbase for mission critical applications.

In its latest release, Couchbase added cross data center replication for customers that want to have the database technology available and synced from multiple data center locations. It also added new security features.

Couchbase CEO Bob Wiederhold said its differentiation comes with its minimal latency and throughput. He said most competitors run a caching tier separate from the database tier. Couchbase has combined the two layers into one. Memcached is embedded as part of Couchbase. It also has an efficient storage disc.

The technology does not have locking, an issue with competitor MongoDB. As a result of that, Wiederhold said performance slows down considerably.

Wiederhold said Couchbase scales on its peer-to-peer network and has an automated setup compared to other technologies such as Cassandra and MongoDB.

The requirements of web and mobile apps are changing. Three-tier architecture apps are being used by millions of simultaneous users. The apps have to operate at web scale. They are data centric and have to scale fast.

Couchbase technology is solid, world-class technology but it does not have the visibility of MongoDB, which recently received the endorsement of IBM. Wiederhold said Couchbase is not in a popularity game but striving to scale users.



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