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6 Secrets to Hyper Social Media Growth

6 Secrets to Hyper Social Media Growth

New businesses are eager to take part in social media for marketing. Owners read all the blog posts, articles, and e-books and believe that they are ready to experience explosive growth by tapping into the power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. However, it is important to have a clear roadmap in mind before jumping on the social media super highway. Take advantage of these six secrets to help your company achieve hyperbolic social media growth.Planning is EverythingIt is vital to create a cohesive and comprehensive plan before creating social media profiles and communicating with followers. The first part of the plan includes setting goals for your efforts. Are you looking for new leads? Do you want to handle customer service issues via this channel? Or perhaps you are just looking for a way to chat with people on the network to gain feedback for future offerings and advertisement strategies?As you try to define your goal, you need to research the different social sites. Determine which sites your customers utilize and how they use them. Does everyone in your market focus on a few sites or are they scattered across all of them? Look at your competitors to see what sites they use and how they communicate with their followers.Take all of this information and create a social media strategy. Pick one or two sites to start. This way you can focus your efforts and try a few different tactics to gauge response. It will also reduce the amount of time you spend on social media so that you can complete other important business tasks.You also need to schedule the frequency of your social media postings. Create a calendar that spells out what topics will be covered, when they will be posted, where they will be posted and who is responsible for the content. Update this calendar as necessary so that everyone who contributes to social media efforts will understand what is expected of them.Utilize ToolsThere are plenty of tools and dashboards available that will help you streamline and automate your social media presence. You can monitor your accounts, schedule posts and post to multiple sites at one time. If you are interested in using social media for customer service there a tools to help you with that as well. These tools will integrate with other office software. Sales departments, marketing personnel, even call center outsourcing companies can have access to the information you collect on social media sites to help your customers and leverage your business goals.Spend some time research the tools and dashboards to find the one that suits the needs of your company. Some of them are free and many offer trial periods to make sure they are a good fit before you invest in them.Limits Are ImportantGoals and tools will help you to create limits for your organization. Social media is a time suck for your employees if you don’t set boundaries. Limiting the number of sites you use to connect with your market will help reduce the amount of time spent on social media. Scheduling your posts will also help in this regard, but you need to set other limits.Limit the amount of time your company spends monitoring these sites and responses from followers. You also need to limit company expectations. It takes time to create an effective strategy and your company won’t be an expert immediately. Don’t set unrealistic goals for sales staff or your call center outsourcing personnel with feedback from social media. And the community may not respond overwhelmingly at first. It can take six months to a year to see real results as personnel monitor and adjust their efforts to gain new followers.4. Content and EngagementMarketing shouldn’t be your main goal with social media. People want to talk to people and see the real face of the company. Communications with people on these sites needs to be open and honest to encourage feedback. You need to offer links to useful information you find on the Internet, tips to solve real problems, and fun facts. Monitoring the shares and retweets your posts receive will help to determine how effective your postings are.Leverage ExpertsOn every social media site, there are market experts who have the ear of your potential customers. If you create a relationship with them and post relevant content, these influencers will share it with their audience. Not only does this leverage your reach but the opinion of these experts will mean more to the people in your market. The followers trust these influencers and if they show you, content has value then more leads will approach your site and become customers.Follow the BuzzFollowing conversational trends regarding your company, your market and your competitors will help your company achieve growth. It will provide you with information to your call center outsourcing experts when they talk to your customers. These trends will also help your sales staff when they create presentations for new leads. Keeping your finger on the pulse of your market will help you become an industry leader and market influencer.Social media is an effective tool for company growth. If you set goals and limits, you will be able to have an effective strategy that will create sustainable development. Leverage the tools available so that you can streamline your efforts and ensure that employees are able to gain the information they need when they need it. And when you create relevant content, you will be able to increase engagement and reach market experts who can add credibility to your efforts. By taking advantage of these six social media secrets, you will be able to tap into the power of social media and achieve hyperbolic growth.



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