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6 Figure Fans: 6 Things You May Not Know About the Affluent Facebook Consumer

6 Figure Fans: 6 Things You May Not Know About the Affluent Facebook Consumer

Affluent consumers know the unbridled joy of receiving a W-2 with earnings worth $100K or more at the end of the year. They may not be a particularly large group, but what they don’t have in size, they more than make up for in cash flow. With 15.6MM moneyed fans on Facebook, brands who look to engage this group may be interested to learn the following things about them*:1. Their average age is 41.7 years oldIn fact, they are 61.0% more likely to be Baby Boomers.Tip: In your targeting criteria, consider including the 45+ age group. Also, unlike the post-millennial generation, this group has no idea what ratchet means, so keep messaging more traditional.2. 56.1% are femaleThey are also 82.6% more likely to be working women.Tip: Content should be female-friendly, and brands may want to think about experimenting with campaigns designed to entice working women.3. They are less interested in reality television.They are 37.2% less likely to be interested in reality television.Tip: When incorporating entertainment, consider going with comedy or thriller genres as opposed to reality. Also be sure to keep on top of audience retention by utilizing Facebook’s new video enhancements.4. They are in the education and healthcare industries.They are 50.6% more likely to work in education, and 35.2% more likely to work in healthcare.Tip: Remember to leverage professional targeting. Utilize high profile title (VPs and C Level) and industry targeting (Education and Healthcare) to maximize reach among this group.5. They are equally as likely to have children as they are to not have children.33.3% report having children at home, while 32.1% say they do not.Tip: Don’t assume that this consumer has children in the household. If you are looking to target affluent parents, target them by using partner categories or behaviors that pre-qualify them as users with children.6. They are avid alcohol buyers, and purchase more groceries than the general Facebook population, whether it’s fresh, frozen or packaged.They are 143.6% more likely to be top spenders in the grocery store. These consumers are also 90.2% more likely to buy beer, 119.7% more likely to buy spirits, and 168.4% more likely to buy wine.Tip: Alcohol brands should create custom messaging around premium lines that this group would find more appealing. Grocery brands and retailers shouldn’t count this consumer out— in fact, they may be the “lowest hanging fruit” among audience segments.Of course, there are many aspects of this consumer’s interests and behavior that can lead to better results for brands, which may vary depending on what social network you are using. However for those looking to target the upper crust on Facebook, try these tips to increase overall ROI for your campaigns.*All figures that state that they are more likely to fit a category should be read as “affluent Facebook users are more likely to xyz than the general Facebook population.”



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