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6 Awesome Ways to Rejuvenate Old Content on Your Blog

6 Awesome Ways to Rejuvenate Old Content on Your Blog

There is one thing that Google and its assorted trawling bots love, and that is fresh content. If that fresh content is also linked from established websites, then Google has every reason to believe the content is quite good, and will rank it higher.This, of course, is brilliant good for the content creator, and the website where the content is housed. Fresh content is the key to this process – the oil that keeps the engine running if you like – and is critical in a healthy inbound marketing strategy.But often, creating bespoke singular content is an expensive process. So how do you get the most out of new content?  Hopefully this blog will go some way to identifying new content opportunities from old or existing content:1. Switch the format upAs an example, if you’ve run surveys of your clients or market, then reformat them. Don’t forget to tweak for SEO as you go. Here are some options:Video summary of the findings to YouTubePress releaseSegment the full report – show industry cutsSocial media sharing of research nuggets (Social Media B2B do this very well, embedding tweetable nuggets into an article, like this article on content marketing stats)Create an infographic from the summaryMore social media sharing and discussionMicro poll your users as to whether the results still stand truePublish results from the micro poll2. The Friday roundup / in-depth pieceGive followers a lean-back post to digest on Saturday or Sunday. Branding Magazine sends out a summary listing of their hot posts of the previous five days. Good for those relaxing on a Saturday morning with bacon and coffee. In contrast to a round up – The Economist has a lean back section for a more in-depth read on existing topics and themes.3. Get all analyticalFind out which of your posts were the most popular in terms of traffic from various search terms. Promote them on social media.  Rework those that are off target.Use Topsy to compare trending hashtags, or trending phrases and really target your next article.4. Think of your old postsContinuing the analytics theme – give your old posts will little traffic a tweet or a share if there’s something relevant in the news related to that post. Use this one sparingly though as it could annoy your close followers. And tailor it to each audience!If your blog is on WordPress, you may even want to consider the plugin Tweet Old Post which will automate it for you.5. NewsjackYour products or services might not be famous yet but helping out someone in a broadcasted bad situation can be powerful content. Oakley sent a new model of sunglasses to those leaving the Chilean mines a few years back – it was global news and everybody saw it. It gave others the chance to create loads of content around them.It could also be a way to reassure your clients that this won’t happen to them – like password protection. A great example of newsjackking was Lastpass providing a tool to check if your LinkedIn password was stolen. They re-purpose this piece each and every time a new website is hacked or comes to the limelight for security breaches.6. Croudsource an article from your comments areaI love when people point out an idea you’ve missed on a comments section from another article or blog. Use those ideas and expand on them in another post.Your TurnDid I miss anything? Let me know in the comments section. I’d love to create another post!



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