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4 Twitter Cross-Promotion Errors

4 Twitter Cross-Promotion Errors

This past month I began working with a client who asked me to create a Twitter list of relevant users. The list, as provided by the client, included the business’ website, a good starting point in search of Twitter accounts.However, it was not as cut-and-dry as first thought. During the research period I noticed a number of interesting scenarios when it came to the cross-promotion of Twitter accounts on websites.These are the top 4 Twitter cross-promotion errors:1. No Social Media LinkThere were many websites that did not include links to the Twitter account; however, a Twitter search revealed an active and engaging account. In this instance, it could potentially be a missed opportunity to engage with their audience.If your business is on Twitter, or any other social media platform, it is recommended to include a link to that social media site via your website. This link will ensure that visitors to your website have the opportunity to connect with you on the social media account of their choosing, be it Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.Another scenario that I noticed was websites that included a graphic that read: “Find us on Facebook” or “Find us on Twitter.” I dislike these statements. It is not a treasure hunt to locate you on social media. You would never include: “Find us on the Internet” or “Find us in the phone book.” People are busy. If you do not include the link, you will lose the opportunity to engage.2. Burying It on your WebsiteIn many instances businesses included links to their social media profiles, but the links were hidden at the bottom of the page, in a corner, in size 6pt font. This made it tough to find. It is essential to include the links to your social media profiles in a highly visible location on your website. While there are varying opinions from website designers, social links should be included either in the top banner or the contact page. There are also applications that allow social media icons to be visible on all pages. Again, it is not a treasure hunt; display your business’ social media accounts.3. Wrong LinkWhile several businesses made the attempt to include a link to their Twitter and Facebook pages, in many cases the link was wrong. More often than not, the link would bring users to the main page (, rather than the business’ account. Sometimes the Twitter link would bring users to a completely unrelated Twitter user. Take a moment to visit your website, and click on the links to ensure they are connected to your business’ account. Take note of any social media links that need updating and make that change.4. Wrong LogoI was shocked to find the number of businesses using old versions of the Twitter logo, including the square ‘t’ and the originally cartoon Larry bird. When your business is displaying its Twitter account on your website, there are usage guidelines from Twitter to which your business needs to adhere.  Not sure if you’re using the right version of the logo, visit Twitter’s Brand Asset page for details and to download the most up-to-date logo. Take a moment to visit your business’ website and check to ensure that all social media accounts, are prominently and accurately displayed. This action will ensure that you gain more fans and followers, as well as increase engagement. 



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