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4 Social Media Tools to Start Using Today

4 Social Media Tools to Start Using Today

You check Twitter before you even brush your teeth in the morning? Your Facebook newsfeed is your second home? Ok, you are a social media addict. But are you managing your time on social media right? Are you taking full advantage of your social networks?Welcome to the world of social media tools! Whether they help you manage multiple accounts, track performances and engagement, or find the right people to follow or articles to share, they will become essential to your social media life.Here are my favorites.Become a Twitter master with TweetDeckTweetDeck is a Twitter tool for real-time tracking, searching, engagement, and managing multiple accounts. You create columns and dedicate each of them to either follow one specific user’s timeline, a hashtag, keyword, or a list. It is also my tool of choice for Twitter chats. All columns update live. You can of course tweet directly from TweetDeck (and schedule tweets), retweet and favorite posts, search and follow people, and send direct messages.Find the right people with FollowerWonkAnother Twitter tool I use often is FollowerWonk, as I find it very useful to find the right people to follow or get in touch with. My favorite feature is “Search Twitter Bio”, where you can search profiles using keywords, filter by location, and then rank by number of followers for example. Another key feature is the one that analyses your followers for a better understanding of your audience.See how your social networks are doing with SumallSumall is a social media analytics tool that lets you connect your different social networks and analyzes them. It can for example compare your number of retweets between the current week and last week, the number of Facebook comments or Google+ posts. It’s the most user friendly tool for a comprehensive analysis of your social networks.Save articles for later with PocketPocket is a website and app where you can save articles and videos that you want to read or come back to later. Instead of bookmark in articles you can’t read at the moment, simply add them to your “pocket” to create a board of articles you can always go back to.What are the social media and Internet tools you can’t live without?



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