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4 Instagram Tools That Help Grow Your Account

4 Instagram Tools That Help Grow Your Account

Instagram is one of the most powerful, engaging, and fast-growing social media platforms of the year. I’ve written before about it’s click-through rates (and how they compare to Facebook), tips on using Instagram, and a number of other IG-related topics.But what about tools? With a few carefully selected tools, you can turn casual “brand-awareness Instagramming” into an actual Instagram marketing campaign. Here’s a list of a few Instagram tools that may be worth checking out.#1 Hootsuite. Already using Hootsuite for scheduling Facebook posts and Tweets? Did you know you can also use it monitor your keywords and hashtags on Instagram? Check out this video and article to start monitoring Instagram activity that’s relevant to your brand. Note: Hootsuite doesn’t allow you to schedule and publish Instagram posts. At this time, there is no free tool that allows this (due, in part, to the fact that Instagram has still not yet created a third-party API to allow for this capability). See below…#2 Latergramme. This Vancouver-based platform allows you to schedule and publish Instagram posts from your desktop or mobile device. While you can “get started for free,” you’ll have to pay in order to really get value out of this app. It’s also worth noting, Latergramme offers capabilities for agencies (and those who need to add more accounts and account managers).#3 Iconosquare. This app (formerly known as is another “must” for any business or firm taking the deep dive into serious Instagram marketing. The facts speak for themselves: 87 percent of Interbrand’s top 100 brands use Iconosquare, including Coca-Cola, Gap, Starbucks, Nike, and others. With this Instagram tool, you can monitor statistics on growth and community, track and respond to comments, and more. Iconosquare even offers the option for creating promotional contests.#4 Regram. This is an essential for any brand with a dedicated fan base. With Regram, you can quickly repost an Instagram originally posted by someone else. This opens up a wonderful opportunity for sharing content from your fans. The Chemex Instagram account serves as a solid example of how this technique can be effectively implemented.What Instagram Tools Are a Part of Your Kit?Are there any Instagram marketing tools you wouldn’t be able to do without? What’s your favorite Instagram tool – and why? Let’s share some ideas!Photo Credit: Instagram Growth/shutterstock



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