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3 Reasons Monica Lewinsky Joining Twitter Is a Good Thing

3 Reasons Monica Lewinsky Joining Twitter Is a Good Thing

Monica Lewinsky is tweeting – as of Monday, Oct. 20. While the launch of @MonicaLewinsky is not national news, it is news on a grand scale because, while she will forever be connected to the transgressions of her chaotic White House youth, Lewinsky is a survivor – recharged and reinvented and, on Twitter, brilliantly rebranded.  On Twitter, Lewinsky describes herself as a social activist, public speaker, contributor to Vanity Fair and knitter of things without sleeves. With more than 32,000 followers (and counting) in only six short hours of going live with @MonicaLewinsky, the world may be more than ready to meet this version of Lewinsky. What may have motivated Lewinsky to break a 10-year silence and jump bravely into the Twitterverse?Lewinsky is on a mission to end cyberbullying, as she shared with an audience at Forbes inaugural 30 Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia recently.Lewinsky knows all too well the perils of bullies. She views herself as the first person to have survived having their reputation destroyed worldwide via the Internet and, as such, she knows all too well the pain a viral phenomenon can cause one’s life.Lewinsky’s 1998 sex scandal that resulted in President Bill Clinton’s impeachment was played out on a global stage, resulting in a rabid media frenzy, public ridicule and, as Lewinsky has shared on numerous occasions, a deep sense of personal shame and even, sadly, suicidal thoughts.Lewinsky was barely 25 when the world’s critical view was cast upon her.According to a recent article on, Lewinsky shared how miserable her life became in the months after then-unknown gossip website the Drudge Report broke the news of her relationship with Clinton — an epic public humiliation exacerbated by the release of the Starr Report online later that year, offering intimate details of their trysts. Lewinsky found herself dazed as she would stare at her computer screen, in shock over the private details of her life now readily displayed for a global audience of critics, commentators and hard-boiled, often brutal, pundits.In the immediate years following Lewinsky’s Clinton drama, she tried to capitalize on her notoriety. She designed handbags. She hosted a reality dating show. At one point, she even relocated to the United Kingdom, where she attended the London School of Economics and got a master’s degree in social psychology. Still, despite her efforts, she could not remove the stigma of her Clinton saga.Imagine having your actions at age 25 brand you for life – globally.Who could survive such a chastisement – one that reeked of ostracism, penance and sequestration.Monica Lewinsky…love her, hate her, criticize her, mock her. She survived. Today, at 41, she is readying to carry her message to Twitter and share her views on cyberbullying – and her own personal journey.Here’s 3 reasons Monica Lewinsky joining Twitter is a good thing.Life Goes On – Tweet Strong: Lewinsky taking on Twitter is proof that no one is ever fully out. No matter how insurmountable one’s problems may seem, and regardless of the time one needs to rebuild, rebrand, refocus and heal, the world remains an open canvas for one’s life. Paint on it whatever you feel reflects you – your expertise, your philosophy, your dreams, your power. Life goes on, tweet about it. It doesn’t matter if you are ever retweeted – tweeting is your right. It Is Never Too Late Tweet Your Brand – Or Rebrand: Lewinsky is no fool. She has courageously stayed focused on rebranding herself. This is a good example to anyone who may feel their personal or professional status is set in stone. It is not. You can reinvent yourself. You can rebrand yourself to reflect your current hobbies, interests, professional accomplishments and future goals. All it takes is a commitment to delivering a brighter, fresher message – and the willingness to convey that message on social media platforms. Social media is the most immediate, prolific and significant personal branding platform available today – ideal for branding, and rebranding. Your Tweeting Can Change The World – Or One Life: No one can proclaim that Lewinsky does not know from which she speaks, the perils and pains of cyberbullying. She has been lampooned, taunted, scoffed, parodied, jeered and hazed – across the Internet. If she has the strength and dignity of spirit to face the world, with a confident smile, and stand up for a cause that is dear to her, and many others, is that not wondrous – even extraordinary. One tweet can change a life – it can inspire, motivate and even fascinate. One tweet can lead to thousands of tweets that carry a message of hope to those who have also faced adversity, challenge and offense. Will Lewinsky become a Twitter great, championing hashtags expressing grievance for cyberbullying? Perhaps. One thing is already apparent; Lewinsky’s move to define and brand herself on Twitter is a step in the right direction – for her and for us all. 



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