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10 Twitter Accounts That Prove Twitter Has Changed the World

10 Twitter Accounts That Prove Twitter Has Changed the World

When the President of the United States, a reality TV megastar, a cookie, an Ivy League icon and one of the world’s most prominent newspapers are communicating information to their target audiences via the same platform, you can rest assured the world has changed. Twitter has leveled the playing field when it comes to disseminating information – and recruiting fans and followers – for everyone from gods of industry to global leaders to academic titans. Think Twitter hasn’t really changed the world? You’re wrong. Today, the Twitterverse is a vast matrix of messaging streaming from virtually every point of the world and every economic, religious, political, governmental and industrial persuasion. Twitter is the global bulletin board for what’s happening – right now.Here’s 10 Twitter accounts that validate the world will never be the same:@WhiteHouse – You can follow the latest from President Barack Obama and his administration. With 5.37 million followers and counting, The White House is tweeting consistently everything from the President’s latest land preservation moves to why the chances of a widespread Ebola outbreak in the United States are extraordinarily low. You can even get your questions about @LetsMove answered by The First Lady with #AskTheFirstLady. @LetsMove has 133,000 followers – and counting. If following @WhiteHouse isn’t satisfying your craving to keep up with President Obama’s speeches and events, good news – you can join more than 190,000 in following @WHLive. With all this immediate access to the activities and messages of The White House, one wonders how the administrations of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy ever got the word out! Well, at least President Obama doesn’t have to worry about such limitations – his Twitter account @BarackObama has more than 48 million followers.@CDCgov – You know Twitter has changed the world when 407,000 people are following the Center for Disease Control’s official Twitter account for daily, credible health and safety updates. With more than 10,000 tweets since May 2010, the CDC’s Twitter account gives immediate updates on all the viruses and outbreaks we need to worry about, as well as regular disease control prevention tips. Could keeping up with a deadly virus be any easier?@tim_cook – Why should you buy the iPhone 6? That must be a more important question than how to prevent Ebola, because Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Twitter account has more Twitter followers than the CDC. With 741,000 followers, Cook’s Twitter is updated with news on Apple products, services, events and innovations.  You can learn everything about the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – just don’t expect any breaking news on anything outside of the Apple universe. When the CEO of a business (yes, Apple is a business) has more followers than the Center for Disease Control and even the White House’s @WHLive, you have to wonder how Twitter has changed the way people prioritize following current events.@NASCARNation – With more than 45,000 followers, the official Twitter account of NASCAR attracts worldwide racing fans. NASCAR drove onto Twitter in October 2011 and since that time has throttled more than 12,000 tweets, sharing kickoff parties, speedway news, event celebrations and everything vital to those who adore Talladega, Langley and Valvoline.  NASCAR shows its creative power with photos and videos featuring champions, pit crews, crashes, triumphs and fan favorites. You don’t need a helmet to brace yourself for NASCAR’s tweets, just a winning spirit and a love of racing in the age of 140 character or less posts. What does @NASCARNation prove to the world? Even racing fans put the brakes on for Twitter.@pmharper – Did you know that Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper has more than 550,000 Twitter followers? It’s true! Harper’s account opened in July 2007 and with a strong continuity and visual approach to Tweeting the account is loaded with public service announcements, event news, personal tributes, insightful global observations and the latest goings on in Quebec City – which recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of #R22R, the Royal 22nd Regiment and Valcartier Garrison, of which PM Harper is an honorary member. The R22R participated in all of Canada’s engagements – conflicts, peace missions and humanitarian aid missions. The PM’s Twitter account makes sharing the celebration of #R22R  all the more global. Thanks Twitter…and Canada!@BillGates – With more than 19 million Twitter followers, Bill Gates is Twitter gold. He opened its Twitter account in June 2009, and since that time has only tweeted just over 1,400 times. He’s a man of few words, evidently, but what he does share rings powerful. Gates tweets on issues impacting the world’s poor, income inequality, vaccines, solar startups and the lessons he has learned from his and @MelindaGates visits to India. Melinda Gates is no Twitter slouch herself, with more than 577,000 followers – proving that an affluent, visionary and philanthropic couple can dedicate their energies to great global causes and share their growing knowledge of world issues to inspire the masses.@nytimes – The New York Times, where the conversation begins! You can follow The New York Times for breaking news, special reports, links and retweets from New York Times journalists. The New York Times history began when James Gordon Bennett, Sr., founded The New York Herald in 1835. In 1841, New York Tribune, founded by Bennett and Horace Greeley, was born. Could Bennett and Greeley ever have imagined that their efforts would one day result in a leading beacon of news and information – and one impressive Twitter account? The New York Times covered everything from Queen Victoria’s Jubilee procession in 1897 to World Wars I and II and everything in between – and since – that has impacted the history of the United States and the world. In March 2007, @nytimes began tweeting – and it has no plans of stopping.  The Wall Street Journal followed The New York Times, launching @WSJ in April 2007 and, since its Twitter debut, sharing more than 95,500 tweets and gaining 5.16 million followers – proving Twitter’s presence reshaped the journalistic strategies of even the most prevailing, influential and historic titans of journalism.@KimKardashian – Why in the world does Kim Kardashian West have 24.5 million Twitter followers? It’s best not to ask such questions. The reality is, this reality star has built an empire from being herself – a walking, talking, tweeting brand. In the age of reality entertainment and social media celebrities, Kim Kardashian West is an epically spectacular example of how technology can fuel – and create – careers on a global stage. Thanks Twitter…sort of!@Oreo – Your favorite cookie is a Twitter superstar, with more than 440,000 followers tweeting and retweeting on the latest hashtags and creative marketing hijinks of this very popular cookie. How did a cookie get to be a social media monarch? Oreo attacked its social media platforms – with particular emphasis on its Twitter account – with timely and consistent content packaged with humor, seasonal tributes, belly laugh funny photos and videos and a quick-witted approach to making people want to eat Oreo cookies. Oreo incorporate Vine into its Twitter greatness, with games that are nearly as addictive as the cookie itself.@Harvard – When the Ivy League embraces a social media platform – it’s officially wonderful. Harvard University launched its Twitter account in May 2009, sharing its devotion to excellence in teaching, learning and research with a global audience. With more than 23,000 tweets to date and 412,000 followers, Harvard leverages its Twitter to celebrate global leadership, academic achievements, visionary scientific gains and even the birthday of Oscar Wilde. We won’t make a fuss that Standford University launched @Stanford in December 2008 and Yale University launched @Yale in May 2007. The lesson here is that even the Ivy Leagues recognized the emerging power of communicating on a social platform designed for the masses. If you can’t beat @KimKardashian or @Oreo, join them – even if you are Ivy League royalty. 



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